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MAYA_contemporary ceramics

Maja Budzarov MAYA_contemporary ceramics 204 pages, 161 images Hard cover Full color 21 x 26.5 cm English ISBN 978-86-919231-4-3 April 2016 Print runs 10 + 2 AP MAYA_ contemporary ceramics is a monography containing selected works in the field of ceramics by Maja Budzarov, made in the last thirty years. The [...]

Predrag Sidjanin

Predrag Sidjanin (1953) was born in Novi Sad. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. He finished MTD and PhD thesis at Delft University of technology, Delft, The Netherlands. Predrag is full professor at the Faculty of technical science in Novi Sad, Serbia. Since 1972, in parallel with academic career, [...]


MP_art is an acronym of the artistic couple [Maja Budzarov and Predrag Sidjanin] who starting to live and work together in January 2003, they decided to reject their previously earned personal histories and the work under their own personal names. They focus on exploring mutual emotions and intimacy through a primarily physical [...]

Maja Budzarov

Maja Budzarov, MA, was born in Novi Sad. She studied at the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design – Department of Ceramics in Belgrade. Maja is assistant professor at the Faculty for Digital Production, University Educons, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia. Since 1992 Maja had numerous solo and group exhibitions of her ceramics works in [...]

Ljiljana Maletin

Ljiljana Maletin is a Serbian prose writer and cultural researcher oriented towards contemporary visual art and Intercltural Studies. Her work includes novels (Dwarves and Hyperborea, 2008, 2013; In Exile, 2011, Eaters of row meath, 2013, 2016), non-fictional narratives (Finland-land of Kalevala, lakes and saunas, 2011;  Norwegian story, 2013; Norway, from Bjørnson to Knausgård, 2016), conceptual Art Books  (Gothenburg Art Book; 2014, Fabrikken, 2015;  Instruction [...]


MAYA art_postcards_CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS Twelve cards 9,8/14,8 cm February 2016 Print runs 25 MAYA_art_postcards_CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS is a collection of art postcards made up of some selected photos from different ceramic pieces published in the book MAYA_contemporary ceramics by FIRST EDITION.


MP_art_ art_postcards_collection_#2_PERFORMANCES Eighteen cards 9,8/14,8 cm February 2016 Print runs 25 MP_art_art_postcards_collection_#2_PERFORMANCES is a collection of art postcards made up of some selected photos from all the different performances published in the book MP_art PERFORMANCE by FIRST EDITION.


Ljiljana Maletin # postcards_photography # Red in Norge & Gothenburg Art Book Eighteen cards 9,8/14,8 cm January 2016 Print runs 25 Photos made during artist in residence project, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2014. and Frida Hansens Hus Stavanger, 2015. http://konstepidemin.se/kalender/ljiljana-maletin-vojvodic/


Ljiljana Maletin # postcards_handmade language-based conceptual art and photography # my LITTERATUR Twelve cards 9,8/14,8 cm January 2016 Print runs 25 Produced during artist in residence project USF Verftet, Bergen 2016.Handmade art postcards based on found art brochures and magazines. Collaging and rewriting documents and non-fictional magazines. Pre-writing process associated with questions the nature of [...]


MP_art _art_postcards_collection_#1 Ten cards 10/14,3 cm January 2016 Print runs 25 MP_art_art_postcards_collection_#1 is a collection of art postcards made up of some of the front pages MP_art's published books by FIRST EDITION with one illustration of each.