Ljiljana Maletin is a Serbian prose writer and cultural researcher oriented towards contemporary visual art and Intercltural Studies. Her work includes novels (Dwarves and Hyperborea, 2008, 2013; In Exile, 2011, Eaters of row meath, 2013, 2016), non-fictional narratives (Finland-land of Kalevala, lakes and saunas, 2011;  Norwegian story, 2013; Norway, from Bjørnson to Knausgård, 2016), conceptual Art Books  (Gothenburg Art Book; 2014, Fabrikken, 2015;  Instruction as writings, 2015, 2016) and art journalism as well as photography.

She has participated in different international projects and artist in residence programs in Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Norway, Finland, France, Sweden and Greenland.

For her short novels she recieved the Milutin Uskokovic Award (2009) and the Andra Gavrilović Prize (2016.

As a photographer she merited a special prize for a project on Iceland by the Photo-Movie Association, Belgrade, Serbia, 2008.

She graduated from the University of Novi Sad’s Literary Department.