MP_art is an acronym of the artistic couple [Maja Budzarov and Predrag Sidjanin] who starting to live and work together in January 2003, they decided to reject their previously earned personal histories and the work under their own personal names. They focus on exploring mutual emotions and intimacy through a primarily physical (performance art) and meditative (painting/text/color) expression. In their work they equally use their bodies, photography, text, video, the Internet, and occasionally combinations of new media with different classical materials (paintings, ceramics and glass).

Their works usually have a strong reference to the place, time and physical/meditative context in which a personal experience of intimacy and privacy reflects upon the universally recognized and accepted phenomena. Their artistic practice/strategy is based on closeness and directness, on interaction and liberation from ideological restraints imposed by mass communication, on the aesthetics of a personal attitude towards the world, post avant-garde and conceptual art experiences in the social context of the current moment, which they are openly critical of.

MP_art exhibits, presents performances and screenings in many different countries such as Hungary, Austria, England, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Taiwan, Thailand etc. Their works are in possession of the Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia; the Neue Galerie Graz, Graz, Austria; The Museum Macura, Novi Banovci, Serbia; The Shadow Museum, Belgrade, Serbia and also in many private collections. (

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