FIRST EDITION is a part of the MP_art project!
It is the independent art publisher, for the artists self promoting purposes!
FIRST EDITION has NO budget; it is a self financed edition!
FIRST EDITION is an aesthetic object-books and prints designed as a collector’s editions signed and numerated by the authors.
All published books and prints are limited to the maximum of twenty-five copies
plus two artists proof. Each book is digitally printed and hand bound!
All printed material can appeare on the FIRST EDITION website, and on the FIRST EDITION channels at the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Our general approach is to create art monographs, art books, posters, cards or other printed material with high estetical value, and a clean and modern layout.
All submited material will be reviewed by MP_art, and then a decission will be made about collaboration and the printing process.
If we decide that the submited matterial is of high value, then we will start preparing that material for printing. Autors only have to pay printing and binding costs, as well as shipping. The price will be calculated in advance. There will be NO additional expenses for the authors! One copy of the printed material belongs to the FIRST EDITION archive. That copy is one of two proof examples. Author can decide to print a minimum two copies, up to maximum of twenty-five.
All details will be regulated with author by contract.
No vulgar, violence, racistic or explicit pornography will be accepted.


Please submit your concept by e-mail. This should be written in a simple Word file.
Photos or other visual material can be sent, in low resolution 72 dpi, or with WeTransfer. A large edit of 10-30 images is preferred.

For submissions, collaborations, special projects or any other inquiry please contact us