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PAPERCLIP BOOK OF THE ART CARDS Pages variable, full-color images Softcover 49 x 33 cm English Started January 2016 Print runs - unique PAPERCLIP BOOK OF THE ART CARDS is a unique large-format book, which is actually a collection of printed sheets of the art postcards published by FIRST [...]

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Predrag Sidjanin SIDJANIN_I works 1969 - 1979 304 pages, 350 images Hardback / Leather bound / Dust jacket 22 x 27.5 cm Serbian, English ISBN 978-919231-2-9 January 2016 Print runs three + 2 AP ŠIĐANIN_I 1969-1979 is the monograph of artistic activity of Predrag Šiđanin in this particular period. This book, [...]

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MP_art MP_art PERFORMANCES 266 pages, 285 images Half-hard cover 21 x 26.5 cm English, Italian, Japanese ISBN 978-919231-3-6 December 2015 Print runs 10 + 2 AP MP_art PERFORMANCES is the book that chronologically shows the performances that MP_art realized from 2003 until 2015. The book contains basic information and a brief explanation [...]

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MP_art MP_book_02 non>< EROTICA 218 pages, 134 images Half-hard cover 21 x 26.5 cm English, Japanese ISBN 978-919231-0-5 October 2015 Print runs 10 + 2 AP MP_book_02 non><EROTICA is a book that contains a collection of erotic photographs (come about spontaneously, in galleries, studios and hotels/residence, during the  course [...]

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P of MP C_H_A_N_D_E_L_A_R_S_transience 32 pages, 18 images Softcover 18 x 23 cm English March 2016 Print runs 25 + 2 AP C_H_A_N_D_E_L_A_R_S_transience is an intimate interpretation of transience, aging ... CHANDELARS word is non-existent and reminiscent of the chandelier, which is certainly confusing, but it is an allegory [...]

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