Predrag Sidjanin (1953) was born in Novi Sad. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. He finished MTD and PhD thesis at Delft University of technology, Delft, The Netherlands. Predrag is full professor at the Faculty of technical science in Novi Sad, Serbia. Since 1972, in parallel with academic career, Predrag is working as professional artist dealing with classical and new media such as video and computers.

He exhibits, presents performances and screenings in many countries, such as Italy, Holland, England, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Japan, Canada etc. His art works are in the possession of several museums and in private art collections and office buildings. He worked also on several web art projects, on line writings and web performances. Predrag gave lectures of digital art and organized new media art exhibitions in Yugoslavia, Austria [Ars Electronica, Linz], The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland and Hungary.

Since January 2003 Predrag is working together with Maja Budzarov at their mutual art project called MP_art by using performance, installation as well as digital images, sound installations, web art and video in combination with traditional art media such as paintings, glass and ceramic (

Predrag is the founder and the editor in chief of the FIRST EDITION.

Published in FIRST EDITION: SIDJANIN I 1969-1979, C_H_A_N_D_E_L_A_R_S_transienceWE – MИSIDJANIN_II 1980-1984