MP_art is an acronym of the artistic couple [Maja Budzarov and Predrag Sidjanin] who starting to live and work together in January 2003, they decided to reject their previously earned personal histories and the work under their own personal names. They focus on exploring mutual emotions and intimacy through a [...]

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Maja Budzarov

Maja Budzarov, MA, was born in Novi Sad. She studied at the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design – Department of Ceramics in Belgrade. Maja is assistant professor at the Faculty for Digital Production, University Educons, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia. Since 1992 Maja had numerous solo and group exhibitions of her ceramics [...]

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Ljiljana Maletin

Ljiljana Maletin is a Serbian prose writer and cultural researcher oriented towards contemporary visual art and Intercltural Studies. Her work includes novels (Dwarves and Hyperborea, 2008, 2013; In Exile, 2011, Eaters of row meath, 2013, 2016), non-fictional narratives (Finland-land of Kalevala, lakes and saunas, 2011;  Norwegian story, 2013; Norway, from Bjørnson to Knausgård, 2016), conceptual Art Books  (Gothenburg Art Book; 2014, Fabrikken, [...]

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Radomir Kojic, Jelena Atanackovic Jelicic, Stanislav Grgic

Radomir Kojić, Ma, was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1983. He graduated from Department of Architecture, Interior & Furniture design, The Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia in 2007. From 2007 till 2010 he was part of design team of Obermeyer Engenering Consultants (OEC) based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab [...]

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