HOTELS intimate mapping

MP_art HOTELS intimate mapping 80 pages, 53 images Softcover 14 x 19 cm May 2017 Print runs 25 + 2 AP The art book HOTELS intimate mapping was based on the web-art project with the same name. This project was presented at the previous, not now existing, website. The project was developed specifically [...]

Intimate collection

MP_art Intimate collection 32 pages, 29 images Softcover 15 x 21 cm Serbian, Hungarian ISBN 978-86-919231-1-2 October 2015 Print runs 25 + 2 AP Intimate collection is a book that explains the concept of the eponymous exhibition / performance held in Budapest, Hungary, 2011. It contains a part of the photo [...]


Ljiljana Maletin INSTRUCTION AS WRITINGS 176 textbook pages Hardback / Clothbound 15 x 22 cm English March 2016 Print runs 25 + 2 AP Instruction as writings is the art book based on concept of re-writing & recycling found texts from newspaper archives and female visual artist’s narratives and statements during [...]


P of MP C_H_A_N_D_E_L_A_R_S_transience 32 pages, 18 images Softcover 18 x 23 cm English March 2016 Print runs 25 + 2 AP C_H_A_N_D_E_L_A_R_S_transience is an intimate interpretation of transience, aging ... CHANDELARS word is non-existent and reminiscent of the chandelier, which is certainly confusing, but it is an allegory of the [...]