MP_book_02 non>< EROTICA
218 pages, 134 images
Half-hard cover
21 x 26.5 cm
English, Japanese
ISBN 978-919231-0-5
October 2015
Print runs 10 + 2 AP

MP_book_02 non><EROTICA
is a book that contains a collection of erotic photographs (come about spontaneously, in galleries, studios and hotels/residence, during the  course of many MP_art projects…), which never reveal any intimate part of M’s body and a collection of erotic stories, which M and P exchanged over a period of time  via email. The stories contains computer symbols that replace words of direct, explicit sexual action or objects. Each story also contains hypertext words for iner-linking related stories. In the book, a dictionary of symbols is provided, together with a map of the hypertext links between stories. The book has been developing for more than ten years.