Intimate collection
32 pages, 29 images
15 x 21 cm
Serbian, Hungarian
ISBN 978-86-919231-1-2
October 2015
Print runs 25 + 2 AP

Intimate collection is a book that explains the concept of the eponymous exhibition / performance held in Budapest, Hungary, 2011. It contains a part of the photo collection of women’s panties/thongs that MP_art collected over a long period of time. It’s a collection MP_art have documented in large-format photographs in which all the panties of the collection are represented. Each pantie has been photographed on M from the front and rear, and interpolated into a single image. The book is a small selection of panties from this rich collection which has over 100 different models. The book also publishes several photos from the „Taking off“ , performance which took place at the opening of the exhibition, and refers directly to the artifacts collection.