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Predrag Sidjanin SIDJANIN_II works 1980 – 1984 376 pages, 431 images Hardback / Leather bound / Dust jacket 22 x 27.5 cm Serbian, English ISBN 978-86-80736-02-0 February 2017 Print runs three + 2 AP [/fusion_text] ŠIĐANIN_II 1980-1984 is the monograph of artistic activity of Predrag Šiđanin in this particular period. This book, in the style [...]

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Munich I Mϋnchen

Radomir KOJIC Munich I Munchen 70 pages, 52 images Softcover 18 x 23 cm English ISBN 978-86-80736-00-6 November 2016 Print runs 25 + 2 AP This book’s intention is to show the sentiment of being alone in an unfamiliar city, wondering in solitude, allowing yourself to pay close attention to details which in everyday life [...]

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Vanishing home

Ljiljana MALETIN Vanishing hοme 50 pages, 39 images Softcover 18 x 23 cm English ISBN 978-86-919231-7-4 September 2016 Print runs 25 + 2 AP Project named Vanishing home by Ljiljana Maletin produced during her artist in residence project atThe Regional Art Museum of Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland (Alajärvi, Kaartunen, 2016) focuses on different aspects of contemporary culture [...]

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Iva Beleslin # postcards_photography # Nafplio I Ναύπλιο  August 2016, Greece Nine cards 9,8/14,8 cm September 2016 Print runs 25 Iva Beleslin_postcards_Nafplio I Ναύπλιο  is a collection of postcards made up of some selected photos from the book Nafplio I Ναύπλιο by FIRST EDITION.

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Nafplio I Ναύπλιο

Iva BELESLIN Nafplio I Ναύπλιο 150 pages, 107 images Softcover 18 x 23 cm English ISBN 978-86-919231-6-7 September 2016 Print runs 25 + 2 AP Nafplio I Ναύπλιο is the first book in PHOTO-ZINE subedition of the Photography editions by FIRST EDITION Publishing. This book is in the domain of media photography [...]

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