208 pages, 195 images
21 x 26 cm
ISBN 978-86-919231-9-8
February 2017
Print runs 25 + 2 AP

We spent almost three weeks during the July-August period of 2016 in Amsterdam. This was one of our visit to this beautiful city, to which we have not been in so many years.

Amsterdam is truly magical, abundant in colors, numerous attractions, overflowing with channels, distinctive architecture, cultural events, charming shops and people who really make it all come to life… A dynamic and always different city, full of uninhabited energy which encircles you with its calmness and positivity. A city filled with relaxed and curious tourists, who enjoy the many sensations and attractions, mostly undisturbed by the multitude of cyclists, whose path they often travel on without even knowing. A city in which coffee shops emits intense aromas of marijuana, a city where people drink some the best beers and where the food has gotten many times more creative as of late. A centre of high fashion, culture, substantial wealth, with high tolerance towards religions, gender, sexual orientation and many alternative events. Amsterdam is also a city with intoxicatingly fresh air, frequently stirred up by a sea breeze, clouds and rain that disappear as fast as they appear.

A city of pleasant surprises.

This book is just a minor look back at the impressions that we have gathered in this magical city!

All the photos contained within this book came to be in a very spontaneous way and were made with an iPhone 6s without any additional retouching.