Radomir KOJIC

Munich I Munchen
70 pages, 52 images
18 x 23 cm
ISBN 978-86-80736-00-6
November 2016
Print runs 25 + 2 AP

This book’s intention is to show the sentiment of being alone in an unfamiliar city, wondering in solitude, allowing yourself to pay close attention to details which in everyday life escape one’s eye. What they depict are public places and everyday environment all of us pass by daily, yet once we focus on an apparently ordinary detail, without the distraction of others around us, they hold a different meaning to us, complementing our current state of mind and emotion, giving an altered significance even to the simplest and the most common messages one sees on billboards or graffiti.

All of the photographs were made in September 2016 in Munich, Germany. They were all taken with Apple IPhone 5C camera and published and edited using Instagram App.

No living soul was deliberately harmed while taking these photographs.